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Contents of this pack:

Hilda the adventurer, a Giant bat and a Simple Pokémon Style Tile-map all for FREE!

All character sprites are exported into sprite sheets and PSD files are included with the download for easy editing. 

The number of frames are listed below their respective sample GIFs! 

Hilda The Adventurer

Canvas Size: 48 x 48

  • 40 Idle frames - 8 Frames for each IDLE animation facing 5 directions (North, South, East, Southeast, Northeast)
  • 40 Running Frames  - 8 Frames for each RUN animation facing 5 directions (North, South, East, Southeast, Northeast)
  • 25 Attack Frames - 5 Frames for each ATTACK animation facing 5 directions (North, South, East, Southeast, Northeast)

Wild Giant Bat

Canvas Size: 32 x 32

  • Fly Animation - 5 frames
  • Death Animation - 5 frames


Important Notes:

Feel free to use and modify the characters depending on any of your project's needs (commercial or not).  But please do not resell the assets :/ 

Feel free to leave suggestions! it would be highly appreciated. In case you want to offer me credits, please use my name: Eli Cuaycong. Follow or contact me through Twitter @Elicuaycong


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good channel highly reccomend


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