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Do you take venmo? I don't have access to Paypal! That or direct card from! I love your golem asset and want to use it in my game. 


So great that I bought it. Now I'm trying to figure out which frames go to which animation for the golem.  I count only 51 frames, but summing the description there should be 61. Can you tell the starts and ends of each animation?


Great assets! Wanted to buy this but I see you only accept PayPal as payment method. PayPal is blocked in my country, is there any chance you can accept card payment? I'm looking to buy this if you do

You can get it for free by just clicking the take me to download instead

Click download now to get access to the following files:

viking.zip438 kB

viking golem pilgrim.zip1 MB

if you pay $3 USD or more   <-----------------

I want to buy golem but its not free

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Trying to figure out why I'm seeing what I think is the feet of the above animation on the sprite sheet. Primarily the run animation. I followed your youtube tutorial so I don't think I did anything that would cause this. 


The blur on your pixels is enabled, make sure to select 2D Pixel as the preset texture

nice. beans


I want to message you to ask you something about 


so, please if you can tell me a way to get in touch with you, tell me asap.


Wow, i like this. ;D


I love these!


hello im a programmer, do you want to make a game?